2012 Budget Session


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Twelfth Day

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Convening Time:
10:00 AM

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SF0002 Appropriation for the legislature. MGT COUNCIL

SF0018 Reimbursement for livestock. AGRICULTURE

SF0024 Property exempt from execution. JUDICIARY

SF0026 District court judge increase. JUDICIARY

SF0028 Governmental claims liability limits. JUDICIARY

SF0036 State parks-acquisition of LX Bar ranch. TRAVEL

SF0038 Revisor's bill. MGT COUNCIL

SF0043 State parks-acquisition of lands. TRAVEL

SF0048 Professional Engineers and Surveyors Practice Act. Johnson

SF0049 Terms for youth board of agriculture members. Emerich

SF0055 Purchase of federal lands. Bebout

SF0059 Public employee retirement plans benefit increases. APPROPRIATIONS

SF0065 Applied agricultural research funding program. Anderson

SF0066 Medical assistance-hospice care. Perkins

SF0068 Time limits for veteran and dependent tuition and fees. Landen

SF0071 Aquatic invasive species. Christensen

SF0075 Business ready community program-planning. Driskill

SF0077 Expenditure of public funds and government competition. Case

SF0078 Interstate compact on students of military families-3. Johnson

SF0079 Wildlife trust challenge account-extension. Hicks

SF0081 Medicaid fraud recovery. Peterson

SF0082 ATM fees. Burns

SF0083 Cigarette manufacturing. Coe

SF0087 State employee compensation commission-membership. Meier

SF0089 Pioneer hunting licenses. Hines

SF0090 School finance-amendments. Coe

SF0091 Healthy frontiers-continuation-2. Scott

SF0094 BOCES-court ordered placement costs. Anderson

SF0095 Emergency medical services special districts. Dockstader

SF0099 Guardian ad litem program. Nicholas, P.

SF0107 Public works contracts. APPROPRIATIONS
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