Section Under Consideration: Section 3.  [CAPITAL CONSTRUCTION]

(Section:  067.  University of Wyoming)



Other Budget(s) Affected:

Section: 323.  [Employee Insurance Funding



* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Page 86-After line 17   Insert "Sheridan Agriculture Building 6."; Under GENERAL FUND increase amount by "5,300,000".


Page 88-After line 5    Insert:


"6.  Of this general fund appropriation, five million three hundred thousand dollars ($5,300,000.00) shall only be expended to acquire and renovate the Watt agriculture building in Sheridan and to construct support structures.".


Page 111-line 11   Before "The" insert "Of".


Page 111-line 13   After "insurance" insert ", three million four hundred thousand dollars ($3,400,000.00)".


Page 111-line 15   After "W.S. 9‑5‑109(j)" insert "and five million three hundred thousand dollars ($5,300,000.00) shall immediately revert to the general fund".


To the extent required by this amendment:  adjust totals; and renumber as necessary.  BERGER