Budget(s):††† Section 015.ATTORNEY GENERAL

(Law Office)


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Page 18óline 16††† After "Law Office" insert "3.".


Page 19-After line 20†† Insert:


"3.  All school foundation program account funding appropriated to the attorney generalís school funding equity litigation program for expenditure are subject to the review and prior approval of the attorney general or his designee. This is to include but not limited to contracts, bid requests, bid waiver requests, travel requests both instate and out of state and equipment purchases. All school funding equity litigation program staff shall adhere to established attorney general office policies and procedures including state of Wyoming annual and sick leave guidelines. All school funding equity litigation programís current and future staff shall be compensated commensurate to all other attorney general staff. This footnote shall be effective immediately.".


To the extent required by this amendment:adjust totals; and renumber as necessary.GINGERY