(Department of Health WSH Plan)


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Page 84-line 21    After "Plan." insert "6.".


Page 85-after line 26   Insert:


"6.  This general fund appropriation shall be to the department of administration and information to conduct a Master Plan Study to review the role and function of the Wyoming State Hospital, how it may change in the future, if and how structures or infrastructures will support those changes, and provide a cost effective plan that meets the current and future needs of the facility and the state. The plan shall include a Level II study for construction of a geriatric psychiatric building at the Wyoming State Hospital, in accordance with the study and report completed pursuant to Wyoming Laws 2006, Chapter 40, Section 1, which shall be considered a Level I study for purposes of W.S. 9-5-108.  The Level II study shall include those items identified in W.S. 9-5-108(a)(ii) to facilitate a Level III construction and operation plan.  The department of administration and information, in conducting the Master Plan Study and Level II study, shall cooperate and coordinate with the department of health.".


To the extent required by this amendment:  adjust totals; and renumber as necessary. GINGERY