Budget(s):    307. [EMPLOYEE BENEFITS]


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Page 98-After line 16   Insert:


     "(d)  For the 2013 fiscal year, there is appropriated the following sums for purposes of providing a one (1) time salary enhancement.  The enhancement shall be paid over the 2013 fiscal year in equal monthly payments, so long as the person receiving the enhancement remains an employee of the agency or institution by whom he was employed as of July 1, 2012.  The amounts distributed under this subsection are exempt from the Wyoming retirement system rules as cash remuneration and shall not be subject to retirement contributions nor be computed as salary for purposes of determining retirement benefits.  The salary enhancements under this subsection shall not be included in the 2014 supplemental budget request nor in the 2015-2016 standard budget request of any entity receiving amounts under this subsection.  This subsection is effective June 30, 2012.  Funds under this subsection shall be distributed as follows:


          (i)  Five million dollars ($5,000,000.00) from the general fund to the state auditor to provide a salary enhancement for executive branch employees, excluding the University of Wyoming and community colleges.  This appropriation shall be distributed as determined by the department for merit pay performance in accordance with a merit pay plan implemented by the human resources division of the department of administration and information;


          (ii)  Three million seven hundred fifty thousand dollars ($3,750,000.00) from the general fund to the University of Wyoming to provide a salary enhancement for University employees as specified in this subsection;


          (iii)  Three million one hundred thousand dollars ($3,100,000.00) from the general fund to the community college commission to be distributed to community colleges on an employee pro rata basis to provide a salary enhancement for community college employees as specified in this subsection.".


     To the extent required by this amendment:  adjust totals; and renumber as necessary.  THRONE, CRAFT