Page 3-After line 2 Insert and renumber:


(B) Any consideration payable by the grantee to the grantor for the interest in real property, other than a mineral estate and its appurtenant surface access rights, being transferred, including any subsequent additional consideration for the property payable to the grantee based upon any subsequent appreciation, development or sale of the property, provided the additional consideration is payable on a one (1) time basis only and the obligation to make the payment does not bind successors in title to the property..


Page 3-line 4 Delete (B) insert (C).


Page 3-line 12 Delete (C) insert (D).


Page 3-line 22 Delete (D) insert (E).


Page 4-line 4 Delete (E) insert (F).


Page 4-line 11 Delete (F) insert (G).


Page 4-line 15 Delete (G) insert (H).


Page 4-line 21 Delete (H) insert (J).


Page 5-line 5 Delete (J) insert (K).


Page 6-line 12 In the First Standing Committee Amendment (HB0025SS001/AE) to this line delete (G) insert (H). BEBOUT