Page 1-line 1      After "payments;" insert "revising duties of the department of environmental quality and industrial siting division as specified; revising industrial facility permit fees;".


Page 1-line 8      After "W.S." insert "35-12-105(c), 35-12-109(b),".


Page 1-after line 9     Insert:


"35-12-105.  Appointment and duties of administrator; staff; rules and regulations.


(c)  The director, administrator and the staff of the division are authorized to the extent possible, at the request of local governments, to provide technical assistance to local governments in the preparation of anticipated impacts related to a proposed project consistent with W.S. 39-15-111(c) and (d) and W.S. 39-16-111(d) and (e) and negotiation of agreements with applicants as provided for in W.S. 35-12-107 and 35-12-113(a)(vi).


35-12-109.  Application for permit; form; fee; financial accounting.


(b)  At the time of filing an application or a written request for a waiver of the application provisions of this chapter as provided in W.S. 35-12-107, or as subsequently required by the director, an applicant shall pay a fee to be determined by the director based upon the estimated cost of investigating, reviewing, processing and serving notice of an application, holding a hearing in case of a request for waiver, inspection and compliance activities and processing application update requests. The fee shall be credited to a separate account and shall be used by the division as required to investigate, review, process and serve notice of the application, to hold a hearing in case of a request for waiver and to pay the reasonable costs of any meeting or hearing associated with permit compliance.  Unused fees shall be refunded to the applicant. The maximum fee chargeable shall not exceed one-half of one percent (0.5%) of the estimated construction cost of the facility or one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars ($125,000.00), whichever is less."  CHILDERS, CHAIRMAN