Delete the Standing Committee Amendment (HB0070HS001/A) and further amend as follows:


Page 1-line 2      Delete "specified buildings" insert "courtrooms".


Page 1-line 9      Delete "secured".


Page 1-line 10     Delete "court building" insert "courtroom".


Page 1-lines 13 through 15   Delete and insert "the entrance to a courtroom.".


Page 2-lines 1 through 22    Delete.


Page 3-line 2      Delete.


Page 3-line 3      Delete through "section" insert "courtroom".


Page 3-line 10     Delete "building" insert "courtroom"


Page 3-line 20     Delete "building," insert "courtroom".


Page 3-line 21     Delete.


Page 3-line 22     Delete the line through "or".


Page 3-line 23     Delete "building;" insert "courtroom.".


Page 4-lines 1 through 3          Delete.


Page 4-line 18     Delete ":".


Page 4-lines 20 and 21  Delete.


Page 5-line 1      Delete "(ii)".  KROEKER