Page 3-line 13     Before "The" insert "(a)".


Page 3-after line 23    Insert:


"(b)  Any subpoena issued by the commissioner shall be subject to the following:


(i)  The subpoena shall describe the objects required to be produced and shall prescribe a return date within a reasonable period of time within which the objects can be assembled and made available.  If any tangible materials subpoenaed are located outside of this state, the person to whom the subpoena is issued shall make the materials available to the commissioner at a convenient location;


(ii)  At any time before the return date specified on the subpoena, the person summoned may, in the district court in which the person resides or does business, petition for an order modifying the subpoena, setting aside the subpoena or prohibiting disclosure of specified materials;


(iii)  If any party fails or refuses to obey a subpoena, the attorney general may, upon request of the commissioner and reasonable notice to all affected persons, apply to the district court for an order compelling compliance.".  PEDERSEN