Page 1-line 3      Delete "and renewal" insert "or upon the request of the school district".


Page 1-line 11     After "7-19-201(a)(iii)" delete "and" insert ",".


Page 1-line 12     After "(intro)" insert "and 21-3-111(a) by creating a new paragraph (xxi)".


Page 2-line 8      Delete line through "and" insert "if requested by a school district,".


Page 2-line 20     Delete "and renewal of".


Page 2-line 22     Strike "and" insert "for".


Page 2-line 24     After "employment" insert ". In accordance with W.S. 21-3-111(a) (xxi), employees of a school district who meet the qualifications of this paragraph shall also be required to submit to fingerprinting for purposes of this subsection upon request of, and payment of applicable fees by, the employing school district".


Page 3-line 10     After "conduct," insert "continuous"; reinsert stricken language.


Page 3-line 11     Before "misrepresentation" insert "knowing".


Page 3-line 19     Delete "or renewed".


Page 4-After line 7 Insert:


     "21-3-111.  Powers of boards of trustees.


     (a) The board of trustees in each school district within the state may:


         (xxi)  When there is good reason to seek a criminal history record check, request the fingerprints of any employee initially hired by a school district on or after July 1, 1996, who may have access to minors in the course of the employee's employment, as provided by W.S. 7‑19‑106(a)(xxvi) and 7‑19‑210(a)(iii).  The school district shall pay for the costs associated with the request.". TEETERS, CHAIRMAN.