Page 1-lines 12 through 14        Delete.


Page 2-lines 1 through 7              Delete and insert:


“WHEREAS, there are religious faiths in the United States that view sterilization, abortifacients and contraception as immoral and view paying for them as against their religion; and


WHEREAS, the administration is attempting to force those religious faiths and their institutions, including schools and hospitals to violate the commandments of their faith by paying for this mandate; and


WHEREAS, this mandate violates the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States by denying these faiths the free exercise of their religion; and


WHEREAS, this mandate sets a precedent that would allow for an opposite law forbidding the coverage of these items thus denying faiths with opposing views the free exercise of their religion; and”.


Page 2-lines 12 through 14        Delete.


Page 3-After line 2     Insert and renumber:


“Section 1.  That the Wyoming Legislature call on all Americans to defend our freedom of religion by opposing this mandate.”.


Page 3-line 4      Delete “1” insert “2”.


Page 3-line 8      Delete “2” insert “3”.


Page 3-line 13     Delete “3” insert “4”.  SCOTT