Page 1-line 2      Delete "remove any" insert "modify the".


Page 2-line 1      Delete "Voluntary".


Page 2-line 4      Reinsert stricken language.


Page 2-line 5      Strike "voluntary".


Page 2-line 10     Reinsert stricken language.


Page 2-line 11     Reinsert stricken language through "age of"; after stricken "(70)" insert "seventy-five (75)".


Page 2-line 12     Reinsert stricken language through "prescribe"; after reinserted language insert ".".


Page 3-lines 1 through 3          Delete entirely and insert:


"The adoption of this amendment would raise the mandatory retirement age of seventy (70) for Wyoming supreme court justices and Wyoming district judges to the age of seventy-five (75).".  BROWN, CHAIRMAN