2013 General Session


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Twenty-second Day

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Convening Time:
10:00 AM

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SF0001 General government appropriation-2. APPROPRIATIONS


HB0012 Contagious and infectious diseases among livestock. AGRICULTURE

HB0017 School capital construction-enrollment methodology. CAP CON

HB0038 Use of water outside the state. AGRICULTURE


NOTE: Those Bills at the top of the General File list which appear out of numerical sequence are TENTATIVELY

scheduled for consideration during the following Committee of the Whole. However, the actual order of consideration

of bills on General file in Committee of the Whole is subject to change at any time.

HB0054 High school equivalency certificate. EDUCATION

HB0059 Banking act amendments. MINERALS

HB0060 Money Transmitters Act amendments. MINERALS

HB0061 Banking division-nationwide licensing system. MINERALS

HB0064 Data center co-location tax exemption. MINERALS

HB0082 Interstate sales of health insurance. LABOR

HB0002 Election code-revisions. CORPORATIONS

HB0003 Effective financing statements-duration. CORPORATIONS

HB0009 Election code-revisions 2. CORPORATIONS

HB0014 Crime victims compensation and restitution. JUDICIARY

HB0006 Solid waste disposal district board terms. Gingery

HB0015 Violent injuries-reporting requirements. Gingery

HB0020 Child support guideline tables. JUDICIARY

HB0023 Juvenile parole eligibility. JUDICIARY

HB0028 Disabled hunter programs. TRAVEL

HB0029 Game licenses-landowner coupons. TRAVEL

HB0031 Printing of state directory and constitution. Byrd

HB0041 Wild bison licenses. Gingery

HB0047 Confidential student disciplinary hearing. Greear

HB0052 Workplace safety initiatives. Lubnau

HB0053 State land violations. AGRICULTURE
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