Bill No.: SF0038 Drafter: DKG


LSO No.: 13LSO-0213 Effective Date: Contingent upon 2014

General Election results


Enrolled Act No.: SEA0014


Chapter No.: CH0042


Prime Sponsor: Senator Ross


Catch Title: University of Wyoming board of trustees.


Subject: Qualifications for University of Wyoming board of trustees.


Summary/Major Elements:


This act:


        Increases the number of University of Wyoming Board of Trustees from twelve to thirteen.


        Provides that up to two members may be non-residents of Wyoming.


        Specifies additional qualifications for non-resident trustees.


        Is contingent upon passage of Senate Joint Resolution 1 at the next general election, which would amend the Wyoming Constitution to provide that up to twenty percent (20%) of the trustees need not be residents of Wyoming.




Contains delayed effective/repeal date the act is not effective until the results of the 2014 general election results are certified and that 2013 Senate Joint Resolution 1 passes at that election.