2014 Budget Session


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Tenth Day

Friday, February 21, 2014

Convening Time:
9:00 AM

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HB0011 Controlled substances. JUDICIARY

HB0012 Eighty miles per hour speed limit. Lubnau

HB0013 UCC liens-electronic filing. CORPORATIONS

HB0014 Business entities-revisions. CORPORATIONS

HB0015 Business entities-enforcement and penalties. CORPORATIONS

HB0019 Notary fees. CORPORATIONS

HB0020 Fire prevention and electrical safety-fees. CORPORATIONS

HB0021 Property tax exemption-charity. REVENUE

HB0036 Constituent service allowance. MGT COUNCIL

HB0037 Revisor's bill. MGT COUNCIL

HB0042 School facilities appropriations. APPROPRIATIONS

HB0048 Fishing with artificial light. Baker

HB0061 Failure to extinguish or contain fire. Greear

HB0062 General procedures for licensure boards. MGT AUDIT

HB0063 Railroad rolling stock tax exemption. Kirkbride

HB0072 Omnibus water bill-planning. WATER

HB0073 State employment-persons with disabilities. Filer

HB0076 Property forfeitures and seizures. Kroeker

HB0086 Rural health care districts-authority. Sommers

HB0088 Post-dated checks. Throne

HB0095 Diabetes care planning. Harvey

HB0098 State investment services. Patton

HB0102 Sage grouse implementation team. Stubson

HB0104 Education-consent to release student information. Zwonitzer, Dn.

HB0106 County fireworks bans. Moniz

HB0123 Unified administrative code and data base. MGT COUNCIL

HB0127 Disclosure of juvenile probation information. Halverson

HB0128 Juvenile courts-sanctions. Halverson

HB0135 Small business investment credit-number of employees. Stubson

HB0140 Complimentary hunting licenses-persons with disabilities. Kirkbride

HB0145 Streamlined sales tax amendments. Madden
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