2014 Budget Session


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Twelfth Day

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Convening Time:
10:00 AM

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SF0009 Probation and parole agent arrest authority. JUDICIARY

SF0015 Community college major maintenance. APPROPRIATIONS

SF0026 Endowment challenge program-state funds inviolate. JUDICIARY

SF0027 Endowment challenge program-fees. JUDICIARY

SF0029 Supervised probation of misdemeanants. JUDICIARY

SF0050 State miner's health coverage. APPROPRIATIONS

SF0054 Reports to the legislature. APPROPRIATIONS

SF0070 State appropriations-lapsing of funds. MGT AUDIT

SF0103 State buildings-construction. MGT COUNCIL


NOTE: Those Bills at the top of the General File list which appear out of numerical sequence are TENTATIVELY

scheduled for consideration during the following Committee of the Whole. However, the actual order of consideration

of bills on General file in Committee of the Whole is subject to change at any time.

SF0012 State education program. EDUC ACCT

SF0078 The Jason Flatt Act-2. EDUCATION

SF0079 Education-student data security-2. EDUC ACCT

SF0038 Hunter safety-exceptions. Christensen

SF0046 State parks-ATM donations. TRAVEL

SF0060 VIN inspection authority-game and fish. TRANSPORTATION

SF0041 Select federal natural resource management committee. MINERALS

SF0043 Prioritization of municipal solid waste facility projects. MINERALS

SF0051 Workers' compensation coverage. Bebout

SF0061 Veterans-resident tuition provisions. TRANSPORTATION

SF0071 Reversion of appropriations. MGT AUDIT

SF0033 County board of equalization-2. REVENUE

SF0063 Sexual assault protection orders. Hastert

SF0016 Insurance-guaranty association model act. CORPORATIONS

SF0018 Counties-legal publications. CORPORATIONS

SF0019 Cities and towns-legal publications. CORPORATIONS

SF0020 Local governments-legal publications. CORPORATIONS
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