2014 Budget Session


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Eleventh Day

Monday, February 24, 2014

Convening Time:
10:00 AM

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SF0011 Appropriation for the legislature. MGT COUNCIL

SF0030 Compensation for persons exonerated based on DNA evidence. JUDICIARY

SF0039 Grand Teton National Park-transfer of state lands. Christensen

SF0080 Real estate licensure-revisions. Anderson, J.L. (SD28)

SF0091 Digital information privacy-task force. Rothfuss

SF0096 Workforce services-independent contractors (Sub. #1). Scott

SF0097 Appropriation to Wyoming business council. Coe

SF0106 State education administration. MGT COUNCIL

SF0113 Task force on expansion of natural gas service. Hicks

SF0117 Summary probate proceedings. Perkins


SF0024 Special elections-revisions. CORPORATIONS

SF0025 Election code-revisions. CORPORATIONS

SF0031 24/7 sobriety program. JUDICIARY

SF0034 Involuntary hospitalization-emergency hearings. JUDICIARY

SF0040 Involuntary hospitalization and treatment. JUDICIARY

SF0047 Katie's law (Sub. #1). Nutting

SF0053 Unfair trade practices. Case

SF0082 2014 large project funding. NAT RES FUND

SF0083 Oil and gas operations-bonding requirement. Anderson, J.D. (SD02)

SF0086 Obstructing roads and highways. Dockstader

SF0087 Public records preservation. Meier

SF0089 Health professionals-Medicaid billing. Landen

SF0093 Agricultural gas tax refund. Hines

SF0094 Game and fish-resident preference points. Driskill

SF0100 Business ready community program modifications. Nicholas, P.

SF0101 License plate vehicle indicator. Von Flatern

SF0107 Certificates of insurance. Bebout

SF0115 Warrantless searches-repeal. Driskill
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