The Bill Status Sheet uses the following abbreviations:

H House  Committee #1 - Judiciary
 Committee #2 - Appropriations
 Committee #3 - Revenue
 Committee #4 - Education
 Committee #5 - Agriculture, Public Lands & Water Resources
 Committee #6 - Travel, Recreation, Wildlife & Cultural Resources
 Committee #7 - Corporations, Elections & Political Subdivisions
 Committee #8 - Transportation & Highways
 Committee #9 - Minerals, Business & Economic Development
 Committee #10 - Labor, Health & Social Services
 Committee #11 - Journal
 Committee #12 - Rules and Procedure
HnnHouse Committee #
SnnSenate Committee #
JCCnn Joint Conference Committee
CoW Committee of the Whole


Names are designated by the Attorney or Chief Clerk and are applied to an amendment on receipt from sponsor. Design of the approach is such that the name is meaningful to anyone who knows the system as well as being a standardized computer code for the full text of the amendment. The name tells the reader when and where an amendment was acted upon and its disposition. 

HB = House Bill, SF = Senate File, HJ = House Joint Resolution, SJ = Senate Joint Resolution. 

For example: Analyze the amendment name of SF0015S2001/ACE 
1. SF0015 = Bill name and no. - Senate File 0015 
2. S = Initial of amending house - Senate amendment 
3. 2 = Order of business - during second reading 
4. 001 = Sequence of amendment - it's amendment #1 
5. / = End of original name - before floor action 
6. A = Code showing adopted or failed - Was adopted 
7. C = Corrected copy of amendment 
8. E = Engrossed copy of bill 

In 3. above, there are five possible order of business codes in each house: 
-S- for Standing Committee amendments 
-W- for Committee of the Whole amendments 
-2- for 2nd reading amendments (as in the example above) 
-3- for 3rd reading amendments 
-JC- for joint conference committee report amendments 

Many combinations of letters and numbers are possible and can cover all situations of amendment action. Sample names in the five orders above, are:
 SF----SS001/A Senate Standing Com. Amend to SF adopted 
HB----SW003/F Senate Com. of Whole Amend. #3 to HB failed 
HJ----H2002/A House 2nd reading amendment #2 to HJR adopted 
SJ----H3001/A House 3rd reading amendment #1 to SJR adopted 
SF----JC002/A Adopted report of second Joint Conf. Com. on SF 


This work is done by the Legislative Service Office. Like the amendment coding, the system is designed to be meaningful as to what stage the engrossing was done. 

For example: Analyze the amendment code of HB0012H3/eng: 
1. HB0012             = Bill name and number - House Bill 0012 
2.          H               = Initial of amending house - House amending action  
3.               3           = Order of business included - after 3rd reading 
4.                 /          = End of original name 
5.                  eng    = This is the engrossed bill - has all House amendments in place

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