Western States Energy and Environment Steering Committee




Representative Tom Lubnau, chairman, has called for a meeting of the steering committee:


May 27, 2009

10:00 a.m.

State Capitol Building -  Room 302

Cheyenne Wyoming



The purpose of the meeting is to adopt a plan for the committee’s activities, logistics and content of the symposium, including refining the event’s agenda.  


Please direct questions about this meeting to UW – SER representative, Mary Byrnes at (307) -766-6851.


Individuals who plan to provide written information to the Committee during the meeting should bring sufficient copies of the information for members of the Committee, Committee staff, and interested members of the audience.  In addition, please provide an electronic copy of the materials to Committee staff at the meeting. 


 Persons with disabilities requiring special accommodations to attend this meeting should contact the Legislative Service Office at: (307) 777-7881, or by e-mail at:  lso@state.wy.us, for assistance. 


Steering Committee Members:   Representative  Tom Lubnau, Senator John Schiffer, Michael Peevey, President of the CA PUC, ( Nancy Ryan, Chief of Staff to President Peevey),  Kyle Davis, Director of Environmental Policy and Strategy at PacifiCorp, and Bill Schilling, President of Wyoming Heritage Foundation


May 27, 2009 Draft Agenda  


0)      0) Introductions

1)      1) Review Agenda

2)      2) Determine objectives for final report – Meridian Institute

3)      3) Refine work session agenda – Meridian Institute

o        Refine / revise objectives and desired outcomes

o        Identify a motivational speaker for Sunday night keynote

o        Agree on session titles and purpose / descriptions

o        Refine / add specificity to discussion questions for each work session

4)      4) Agree on approach and criteria for identifying panelists and roundtable participants.

5)      5) Review event logistics, registration fees, website and other event issues – Hip Consulting

6)      6) Discussion of public relations assistance – Summit Group

7)      7) Review of planning team members / partners and roles

o        U of WY School of Energy Resources – overall project coordination

o        Meridian Institute – meeting design, facilitation, briefing papers

o        Hip Consultants – website design, logistics, registration, budget

o        Ruckelshaus Institute –  Assisting with facilitation note taking

o        U of WY Law Students – general assistance

o        Others

8)      8) Discuss agenda vetting process

9)      9) Develop tentative plan for collecting background materials

1    10)  Steering committee directives

1    11) Setting of next meeting


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