Select Committee on Tribal Relations



Senator Cale Case and Representative Del McOmie, Co-chairmen of the Select Committee on Tribal Relations, have announced that the Committee will meet:


December 8, 2010 – Capitol Building, Room 302           12:30 p.m.


December 9, 2010 – Capitol Building, Room H-17            9:00 a.m.


Cheyenne, Wyoming




The purpose of the meeting is to receive information on interim topics, including issues regarding education, water, health, and natural gas connectivity.  Please direct questions about this meeting to Legislative Service Office Committee staff, Lily Sharpe at (307) 777-7881.


Individuals planning to provide written information to the Committee should bring sufficient copies to distribute to the Committee members, Legislative Service Office Committee staff members, and interested members of the audience.  Please provide electronic copies of the materials to Legislative Service Office Committee staff before the meeting. 


All written materials provided to the Committee will be part of the official record of the meeting and will be on file at the Legislative Service Office.  Meeting minutes will be available on the legislative website at: 


Individuals with disabilities that require special accommodations should contact the Legislative Service Office at: (307) 777-7881, or by e-mail at:, for assistance. 



Members of the Select Committee on Tribal Relations:

Senators: Cale Case, Wayne Johnson, Saundra Meyer,

Representatives: Del McOmie, W. Patrick Goggles, William “Jeb” Steward


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