Standard Budget:     $37,500.00

Priority #: 1     Legislative Redistricting. Redistricting Budget $100,000


The committee is tasked with coordinating and managing the redistricting of the Wyoming Legislature following the 2010 United States Census Bureau data for Wyoming.    To accomplish this task, the committee will: 1) manage LSO redistricting staff; 2)  provide abundant opportunity for legislator and public input on redistricting; 3) develop a database of proposed alternative redistricting plans which the public and election officials would have ample opportunity to review and comment upon; and 4) prepare a single redistricting bill for introduction in the 2012 legislative session which would be in a format that facilitated adoption by amendment of an alternative redistricting plan. 


To accomplish these goals, the committee will follow two tracks. The full committee will meet three or four times during the interim for two day meetings.  These meetings are tentatively scheduled for April, June/July, October/November and  December/early January 2012.  One day of each full committee meeting will be devoted to redistricting, including receiving public comment and developing draft plans. 


The committee will also hold six to ten regional meetings throughout the state in the summer months to receive public comment on redistricting.  These regional meetings will be attended by one or both of the committee chairman, and by any committee member who wishes to attend.  It will be left to the discretion of Management Council whether to provide salary, travel and per diem for local legislators who attend a regional meeting.


All redistricting plans which a committee member or other legislator submits for development must receive initial approval from the committee chairmen.


Priority #: 2     Department of insurance.


The committee will consider amendments to the insurance statutes including revision of surplus lines laws to comply with national changes, revisions to the hazardous financial condition statutes, revisions to the risk based capital statutes to add a trend test for health insurers, and any other issues necessary to maintain state accreditation.


Priority #: 3     Public Service Commission


The committee will hear reports on the Wyoming Universal Service Fund.  The committee will also consider the proper regulatory treatment of telecommunications services using Internet Protocol.


Priority #: 4     Elections


The committee will consider legislation dealing with removal of county appointed officials from office and will also consider any election related issues raised by the secretary of state if necessary.


Priority #: 5     Archaic Laws


The committee will review archaic laws assigned by Management Council.


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