Management Audit Committee



Buffalo Bill Historical Center                                                October 16, 2000, Cody, Wyoming



PRESENT:      Senator Jim Twiford, Chairman

                        Representative Eli D. Bebout, Vice Chairman


                        Senator Hank Coe

                        Senator Keith Goodenough

                        Senator April Brimmer Kunz

                        Senator Mike Massie


                        Representative Deborah Fleming

                        Representative Randall Luthi

                        Representative Wayne Reese

                        Representative Colin Simpson




                        Legislative Service Office: Barbara J. Rogers, Program Evaluation Manager; Polly Callaghan, Program Evaluator; Paula Gordinier, Program Evaluator;  Johanna Brukardt, Associate Program Evaluator.


                        Cynthia Lummis, State Treasurer; Sharon Garland, Deputy State Treasurer;  Glenn Shaffer, Chief Investment Officer; Jerry Fox, Director, Wyoming Retirement System; Peter Brandjord, Chairman, Wyoming Retirement System Board.


Absent:           Representative Bill Stafford


The following is a summary of Committee proceedings arranged by topic.  Other materials referred to in these minutes, which are not attached as exhibits, are on file at the Legislative Service Office.




Chairman Twiford called the meeting to order at 8:40 a.m..


Placement of Deferred Compensation


Chairman Twiford resolved the meeting into Executive Session for consideration of the draft report  “Placement of Deferred Compensation” and for Committee questions and discussion.  After staff presentations, the Committee discussed the report with officials from the Treasurer’s Office, the Deferred Compensation Board, the Director of the Wyoming Retirement System and the Chairman of the Wyoming Retirement Board.  The chairman declared the meeting open.  Senator Kunz moved to release the report and the motion carried unanimously.  Senator Kunz moved to request LSO legal staff to draft a bill authorizing the transfer of the deferred compensation program to the Wyoming Retirement System, effective July 1, 2001.  The motion carried unanimously.  Committee members requested that the two agencies work together to develop a plan that sets out an organizational structure, assigns administrative responsibilities, and describes how the two current boards can be re-configured.  The Committee anticipates it may incorporate this plan in its bill drafting request to LSO.


Other Business


Senator Kunz moved to approve the minutes from the May 15-16, 2000 Management Audit Committee meeting.  The motion carried with Senator Goodenough opposing. 


Interagency Laboratory Group


Ms. Rogers explained that at the January 2000 meeting, the Committee had requested that the Interagency Laboratory Group submit minutes from their quarterly meetings.  The Committee reviewed minutes from the group’s August 2000 meeting.  There was no further discussion. 


Victim Services


Ms. Rogers presented information about savings that have been achieved by the Victim Services Division of the Attorney General’s Office.  The Committee had requested this information subsequent to a follow-up review conducted in 1999.  Representative Luthi requested that Victim Services submit a similar report in another year.  He noted there had been increases in spending in some administrative areas and he would like to see if those increases continue.  Senator Kunz said she believed the goal of bringing better services to victims had been achieved by consolidating program administration. 


Follow-up on the Institute for and School of Environment and Natural Resources


Mrs. Brukardt presented a follow-up to the 1998 report regarding the Institute for and School of Environment and Natural Resources.  No further work was recommended.


Additional Business


After discussion about potential program evaluation topics, Senator Massie moved that the next program evaluations be day care center licensing and state park fees.  The motion carried unanimously.


Chairman Twiford announced the next Management Audit Committee meeting would be held on December 13, 2000 in Dubois.  The meeting was adjourned  at 2:05 p.m.


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