Bill No.: SF0069 Drafter: DRN


LSO No.: 06LSO-0063 Effective Date: 7/1/2006

Section a: 3/10/2006

Enrolled Act No.: SEA0031


Chapter No.: 34


Prime Sponsor: Joint Education Interim Committee


Catch Title: Private school licensing-amendments.


Subject: Regulation of private post-secondary education degree granting institutions operating in Wyoming.


Summary/Major Elements:

        Requires private post-secondary education degree granting institutions to register prior to operating in state;

        Registration is to include documentation or other verification of accreditation by an accrediting association recognized by the U.S. department of education. Current law provides for licensing without imposition of accreditation requirements;

        Allowance is made for institutions that are candidates for accreditation or are otherwise in the application process for accreditation;

        Limitation of five years is imposed upon candidacy status, unless sooner refused accreditation;

        Annual registration fee of $100 imposed, increased to annual fee of $1000 during candidacy status or otherwise in the application process plus performance bonding requirements;

        Notification requirements imposed upon institutions entering state;

        Administration of registration and other private school licensing provisions transferred from state board of education to the department of education;

        Provision for transition from current licensing requirements to the provisions and requirements of registration.