Debbie Hammons (Democrat)
100 Country Drive
Worland, WY 82401
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House Minority Whip of the 59th Legislature


Transportation, Highways & Military Affairs Committee
Minerals, Business and Economic Development Committee

Rules and Procedures Committee
Select Committee on Local Government Financing


House District # 27

  Date of Birth: 11/27/50
  Place of Birth: Worland, Wyoming
  Education: Worland High School
B.A. Stanford University - English & Creative Writing
University of Wyoming - Teacher Certification
  Occupation: TV Producer / Writer
  Religion: ELCA Lutheran

Family -   

Spouse: Greg
  Children: 2

Elected to Wyoming Legislature -   

House: 2005

Civic Organizations & Associations -   

  University of Wyoming Foundation Board
  University of Wyoming College of Business Advisory Board
  PSALM Choir

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