Aquatic invasive species.






This bill contains an appropriation of $1,268,000 from the GENERAL FUND to the Game and Fish Department.



Agency #:  040     Agency Name:  Game and Fish Department

Unit #: 5101       Unit Name:  Aquatic Invasive Species


EXPENDITURE BY SERIES AND YEAR       FY 2012         FY 2013         FY 2014

0100  Personnel/Benefit Costs                          $492,276         $492,276

0200  Supportive Services Costs                        $283,328                


Total Expenditure Per Year:                            $775,604         $492,276


Grand Total Expenditure:            $1,267,880


Total Appropriated to Agency:       $1,268,000

Total Appropriated by Fund

GENERAL FUND             :          $1,268,000


Description of Appropriation: Aquatic Invasive Species program coverage for six priority waters and ten border locations.


Assumptions:  Program costs are based on four contracted crew lead Aquatic Invasive Species positions and 26 seasonal technicians providing coverage four days per week and ten hours per day at priority water locations staffed in 2011 and five days per week and 13 hours per day at ten border locations.





















Prepared by:   Alex Kean, LSO Phone: 777-7881

(Information provided by: Richard A. Reynders, Game and Fish Phone: 777-4517)