Bill Drafts

NOTE:  Until bill drafts are approved by committee, they are considered Working Drafts.  These bills are in Acrobat PDF format.  Download a free copy of Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™


08LSO-0047.W6 - Carbon capture and sequestration.

08LSO-0080.W3 -  Ownership of subsurface pore space.    

08LSO-0119.W1 - Valid court orders.    

08LSO-0120.W2 - Modernization of court procedures.

08LSO-0121.W2 -  Board of parole-authorizing changes in length of parole

08LSO-0122.W1 -  Community juvenile services boards-amendments

08LSO-0123.W1 - Post-conviction releif petitions-DNA evidence.

08LSO-0208.W2 - Community juvenile services.


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