2:43 PM - 1/28/09

                                                          Thursday, January 29, 2009

Time                                      Committee                                                                   Room

  1 p.m.                                     2-Appropriations                                                          S13

                                                SF0100                         Public school nurse appropriation.

                                                                                                      re-referred from #04 Education

                                                               SF0032                         Wyoming livestock health and emergency

                                                                                                  disease program.    re-referred from #05 Agriculture

                                                               SF0067                         Water development funding.

                                                                                                      re-referred from #05 Agriculture

  Upon adjournment                 2-Appropriations                                                          S13                    

                                                 SF0010                       Brucellosis management program.

                                                                             re-referred from #05 Agriculture

                                                 SF0087                       Wolf brucellosis testing.

                                                                             re-referred from #05 Agriculture

                                                 SF0073                       Gillette Madison pipeline project.

                                                                             re-referred from #05 Agriculture

  30 minutes after noon            3-Revenue                                                                      S16                    


                                                 HB0067ENG           Tobacco excise tax.

                                                 HB0102ENG           Excise tax-vendor compensation.

                                                 HB0101ENG           Excise tax-manufacturing exemption.

  8 a.m.                                     4-Education                                                                   S11                    

                                                 SF0122                       Professional employer organizations.

                                                 SF0131                       Management audit study-reading skills.

                                                 HB0049                      Marriage licenses.

                                                                             If time permits.

                                                 HB0094                      Attorneys-requirements for admission to bar.

                                                                             If time permits.

  Upon Adjournment               5-Agriculture                                                                 S15                    

                                                 SF0133                       Pet Animal Care and Facilities Act.

                                                 SJ0004                        Black tailed prairie dog.

  20 minutes after noon            6-Travel                                                                         S14                    


                                                 HB0011ENG           Dogs chasing wildlife.

                                                 HB0088                      Game and fish-pioneer licenses.

  8 a.m.                                     7-Corporations                                                              S19                    

                                                 SF0104                       Life insurance-limitation on dependent coverage.

                                                 SF0118                       Continuance of insurance coverage.

                                                 SF0028                       Licensing of entertainment activities.

                                                 SF0027                      Outdoor lighting.