HB0253 Wyoming Nurse Practice Act amendment. Kasperik

HB0021 Battery against a family member. Barbuto

HB0040 Compensation for persons exonerated based on DNA. JUDICIARY

HB0041 Driving within a single lane. Gingery

HB0042 Coroner record confidentiality. Gingery

HB0052 Charter school restriction. Wallis

HB0072 Teacher merit pay. Madden

HB0086 Compulsory school attendance. Kroeker

HB0087 Obsolete laws-general revisions. MGT COUNCIL

HB0090 Vehicle restoration. Byrd

HB0093 School unification student count deletion. TRIBAL

HB0103 WICHE-repayment program. McKim

HB0107 Municipal court jury trials. Botten

HB0108 Collection agencies. MINERALS

HB0120 Public meetings. Edmonds

HB0121 Public records. Edmonds

HB0137 Private transfer fee obligations. Shepperson

HB0140 Governmental immunity–public transportation. Roscoe

HB0147 Excise tax-vendor compensation. Zwonitzer, Dv.

HB0155 Student assessment-amendments. Lubnau

HB0161 Interstate compact on students of military families. Illoway

HB0178 Vaults, crypts and mausoleums-perpetual trust funds. Craft

HB0182 Student assessment measures. Throne

HB0184 Minimum wage statutes repeal. Gingery

HB0190 Electronic fine submittal. Zwonitzer, Dv.

HB0202 Railroads-fence repairs. Brown

HB0204 Patriotism in the classroom. Gay

HB0206 Emergency response-incidents. Throne

HB0208 Off-road vehicle registration-exemption. Shepperson

HB0209 Emergency medical review organizations. Greene

HB0211 County memorial hospital board members-removal. Throne

HB0223 Property disclosure statement-wind estate. Brown

HB0224 Platted plots-requirement. Miller

HB0225 Charter school appeal process-2. Wallis

HB0227 Education-constitution instruction. Gay

HB0243 Human remains-training of search and rescue dogs. Krone

HB0251 Abortion-ultrasound information. Brechtel

HB0254 Property taxation-appeals. Throne

HB0255 Veteran's tax exemption. Patton

HB0256 Wyoming Safe Homes Act-2. Craft

HB0259 Ethanol producer tax credit. Zwonitzer, Dv.

HB0260 Industrial siting-financial resources. Stubson

HB0264 Hathaway scholarships-school notifications. Harshman

HJ0001 District court commissioners-authority. JUDICIARY

HJ0003 Resolution to Congress and the United States Supreme Court. Childers
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