2001 General Session


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Every effort has been made to make the bill text located on the Web site look the same as the actual bill. There may be some bills with minor differences in format, but the text is accurate.
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[document] HB0003 - Public records-right of inspection.

[document] HB0007 - Property tax amendments.
[document] HB0008 - Game and fish-watercraft.
[document] HB0009 - Common school land income account.
[document] HB0010 - Agricultural lands-classification.
[document] HB0012 - Brand laws-amendments.
[document] HB0013 - Transportation of carcasses.
[document] HB0016 - Public schools-student performance standards.
[document] HB0017 - State parks-amendments.
[document] HB0019 - Pari-mutuel commission-amendments.
[document] HB0020 - Revisor's bill-2.
[document] HB0021 - Cooperative marketing associations. (Sub #1)
[document] HB0022 - State park fees.
[document] HB0025 - Regional air quality-review of state plan.
[document] HB0026 - Health insurance-cancer screenings.
[document] HB0028 - Pesticides in schools.
[document] HB0035 - School capital construction-emergency assistance.
[document] HB0037 - State budgeting process.
[document] HB0042 - Election assistance.
[document] HB0043 - Small mine permits and exemption.
[document] HB0047 - Carbon storage.
[document] HB0049 - Motor vehicles-open container law.
[document] HB0050 - Baiting of big game animals.
[document] HB0058 - Genetic testing to establish paternity-amendments.
[document] HB0062 - Port-of-entry officer citation authority.
[document] HB0061 - Motor vehicle franchises-amendments.
[document] HB0065 - Injuring law enforcement and emergency animals-felony.
[document] HB0066 - Producer's lien law. (Sub #1)
[document] HB0070 - Circuit courts-jurisdiction.
[document] HB0078 - Public  employee mileage allowance.
[document] HB0080 - Sexual battery.
[document] HB0081 - Omnibus water bill-planning.
[document] HB0082 - Drug courts.
[document] HB0083 - Substance abuse control plan.
[document] HB0088 - National guard educational assistance.
[document] HB0090 - Compact-adult offenders.
[document] HB0091 - Telephone solicitation.
[document] HB0095 - Workers' compensation-boards and commissions. (Substitute #1)
[document] HB0096 - Motor vehicles-salvage titles.
[document] HB0100 - Juvenile delinquency-recordkeeping.
[document] HB0102 - Sex offenses-age of victim.
[document] HB0103 - Controlled Substance Act-registrations.
[document] HB0110 - Safe Drinking Water Act.
[document] HB0114 - Public health services-fees. (Sub #1)
[document] HB0115 - Beginning agricultural producer development bonds.
[document] HB0119 - Local government finances.
[document] HB0120 - School board trustee residence areas.
[document] HB0123 - Motor vehicle chain law.
[document] HB0126 - Judgment index-maintenance.
[document] HB0127 - Sex offender registration-administration.
[document] HB0129 - Controlled Substance Act-amendments.
[document] HB0132 - Direct shipment of wine-2.
[document] HB0135 - Excise tax amendments.
[document] HB0137 - Biennial municipal budgeting.
[document] HB0139 - Intensive supervision-domestic violence offenders.
[document] HB0142 - Seed laboratory.
[document] HB0144 - Law enforcement mutual aid.
[document] HB0148 - State board of equalization examination powers.
[document] HB0154 - Underground storage of explosives.
[document] HB0160 - Wyoming wildlife/livestock disease partnership.
[document] HB0167 - Predator control fees.
[document] HB0169 - Off-road recreational vehicles.
[document] HB0170 - Theft detection shielding devices.
[document] HB0176 - Circuit court magistrates-reorganization.
[document] HB0181 - Hospitalization of mentally ill-examiners.
[document] HB0183 - Unlawful killing of wild horses.
[document] HB0185 - Insurance coverage for diabetes.
[document] HB0186 - Retirement-law enforcement.
[document] HB0190 - Veteran's sticker on license plates.
[document] HB0193 - State lands-lease terms and purposes.
[document] HB0195 - Net metering-renewable energy systems.
[document] HB0197 - School finance-model reevaluation.
[document] HB0199 - Nuisance dogs.
[document] HB0200 - Game and fish-trapping license-4.
[document] HB0201 - Board of coroner standards-background checks.
[document] HB0207 - Mine inspector reports.
[document] HB0208 - Physician assistants.
[document] HB0212 - Capitol police.
[document] HB0215 - Sales tax-exemptions.
[document] HB0217 - Corporal punishment in schools-repeal.
[document] HB0218 - Department of corrections warrants-2.
[document] HB0229 - Fire safety code amendments.
[document] HB0231 - Operation of vehicles when emergency vehicle parked.
[document] HB0233 - End stage renal disease program.
[document] HB0235 - Insurance proceeds-creditor's rights.
[document] HB0236 - Prevailing wages.
[document] HB0236 - Prevailing wages.
[document] HB0239 - Relating to employment.
[document] HB0241 - Eluding a peace officer-penalty.
[document] HB0243 - Prescription drug advisory committee.
[document] HB0247 - Wyoming geological survey board-filing of reports.
[document] HB0252 - Special districts-resort districts.
[document] HB0254 - Pharmacy technicians-amendments.
[document] HB0259 - Uniform Sales & Use Tax Administration Act.
[document] HB0263 - Election code revisions.
[document] HB0266 - Refund of LUST tax.
[document] HB0268 - Law enforcement academy instructors.
[document] HB0271 - Cosmetology act amendments.
[document] HB0276 - Information technology oversight panel.
[document] HB0280 - Qualified resource eligibility tax refund. (Sub #1)
[document] HB0284 - Special districts-enlargement and annexation.
[document] HB0286 - State lands-transfer to Guernsey State Park.
[document] HB0301 - State investments-economic development.
[document]  HB0305 - Court reporter fees.
[document]  HB0316 - Abuse reporting.
[document]  HB0321 - Parole eligibility.
[document]  HB0324 - Schools-safe storage of chemicals.
[document]  HB0327 - Retirement system-salary definition.
[document]  HB0335 - Child health insurance program amendments.
[document]  HB0337 - Transfer of state funds.
Joint Resolutions
[document] HJ0006 - Honoring Wyoming's Olympic athletes.
[document] HJ0008 - Introduction of endangered species.

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